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Will CIP be acting as the General Contractor on site?

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Accommodations will be provided by:

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Is there a limitation on hours that can be worked on site?

Will weekend work be allowed on site?

Does site have a gate / other locked entry?

Will standard junction caps be used (i.e. conroth, MDF trims)?

Will structural shear plating be required?

Is CIP handling interconnects for electrical / HVAC / plumbing?

Is CIP handling the connection of services to the mains?

Is start up and commissioning by CIP?

Is there expectation for more than a single mobilization to site for installation?

Will CIP be installing skirting?

Will skirting be standard 2x4 frame with PT plywood face?

Will CIP be installing decks / stairs / ramps / canopies?

Will CIP be responsible for any landscaping / grading?

Will CIP be responsible for any furniture / accessories?

Will CIP be responsible for any additional project management?