Inspection Services

You would never buy a house without an inspection, so don’t skip one when buying a modular building. Older buildings that might look ok from the outside can be hiding serious rot, water damage, or mould problems.

Because modular buildings can be moved from one climate zone to another, a professional inspection can catch building code inadequacies such as roofs that might become overloaded with snow, or structural elements that won’t meet local requirements.

Our expert team has extensive experience detecting these problems and others that are specific to modular construction.  We can inspect buildings for compliance with the BC Building Code, as well as document any deficiencies that may be present.

Find problems before it’s too late.

For existing owners of buildings, we can identify defects before they become problems. How well are the modular classrooms in your school district holding up? Will your remote offices on the coast need work this year? We’ll prepare a professional, detailed report you can use to plan your maintenance or upgrade needs.